Woofpup Walking

At work? Out to dinner? Trying to vacuum? Is your schedule unpredictable? Our Woofpup walking services are designed specifically for the busy professionals of Los Angeles, like you. Woof Pack Dog Trainers provide walking services that incorporate copious amounts of affection, attention, exercise and socialization.

Our intention is to maximize your dog’s potential and give them the proper outside time they yearn for. Your dog will be able to do their “business,” get some fresh air, companionship and a chance to explore new sights and smells. A tired dog is a happy and well-behaved dog. When your dog is bored, that’s when trouble happens at home. Let us share a walk with your dog and take care of his basic exercise and outside needs. No reason for your dog to “hold it” all day. Is your dog looking for a 4-legged walking companion? Our “Woofpup Foster Mom” or another Woofpup will be happy to join upon request. On our return we will refill their water and provide meals if needed. Tired dogs make better neighbors.

  • 30–minute visits
  • 45–minute visits
  • 60–minute visits
  • Add training walks for an additional price

Please note: Woofpup Walking is available in certain areas only.

We can customize walks to fit your dog’s needs! We are happy to accommodate based on availability.