Training Stay-Cation

Do you think your dog would do better training in the comfort of your own home? Is your dog dealing with separation anxiety or aggression? Do you need a professional to help train your dog while you are at work? Our Training Stay-Cation program is another great training option for day only training and for overnights. During our day only programs, a trainer will spend 5-6 hours a day training with your Woofpup with a mid-day break. We require a minimum of five days for our first time Woofpups. There is no minimum for returning clients.

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Why Choose Our Training Stay-Cation?

  • These programs tend to be shorter than our Study Abroad programs because there is no new environment adjustment period
  • You can be home, at work or away on vacation
  • We offer day only or overnight programs
  • Day–Only Programs: Trainer will spend 5–6 hours a day training with your Woofpup with a mid-day break
  • Our first time Woofpups will need a minimum of 5 days (There is no minimum days for reoccurring clients)
  • Some issues are better addressed in the comfort of the Woofpup’s own home
  • The dog and owner must meet our Trainer before the dog can be accepted into any of our programs. Set up a free consultation to meet your trainer and discuss your training game plan. After the consultation, the trainer will determine the type, duration and price of the program that best suites your Woof Pack family

Length of Stay

  • Minimum of 5 days
  • Program can be customized to fit your dog’s needs or your vacation length

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