I just got a new puppy and it’s been awhile since I had to train a dog. I was looking to join a puppy class, but the fact that they only offer 6-week classes, and I’ll be leaving LA in 2 weeks, made it quite a challenge. Reached out to Woof Pack and got scheduled right away with a private session at my house with Ashley.

Ashley is fantastic. She answered every question I had, even though I was shooting them off left and right at 1000 miles an hour. From the get go, she had my pup’s full attention and that continued for the full 75-min session (which was a blessing too because my puppy slept the rest of the day after the session was over).

It’s absolutely mind-boggling how well Ashley works – she got my puppy to obey commands I’ve been trying to teach her since the day we bought her home in a single session. My puppy retained all that information too! It was almost like I had a new dog the next day – example: she taught her to sit at the door to get out. The following few days, that’s exactly what my puppy did. She also started obeying commands on the first try.

I’m unbelievably happy with the results I’ve gotten from just the first session. Highly recommend.

– Stephen K.

Beyond being a wonderful dog trainer, Ashley is a great person. I was out of the country when my boss hired her and I returned to LA to a completely new, well-behaved puppy. Our dog went from refusing to walk on a leash, biting constantly, and other normal puppy stuff to walking very well on his leash, being potty trained, learning his name, and learning various commands within just a few days all thanks to Ashley.

She accommodated our schedule and needs, even going as far to drive well out of her way to the house so the kids could be part of the training. It’s obvious that she is super passionate about her job and cares that the dog’s owners know how to properly take care of their pet. She is entirely trustworthy, reliable, and an ultra positive young woman. You would be lucky to work with her…we definitely were! Having worked with kids for over a decade, I can only imagine how difficult her job is but she makes it look easy. We love you, Ashley! Thanks for everything.

– Sierra S.

Our nine month-old pup, Oscar, is never happier than after spending quality time with Ashley. She’s great to work with — personable and warm with us… intuitive, kind, and effective with Oscar.

We first used Woof Pack for private training. Oscar’s bite inhibition, recall, house training, and knowledge of basic commands all dramatically improved through these sessions. Ashley began training Oscar off-leash on trails very young, and he’s developed into a great hiking companion.

We’ve also used Woof Pack for beach days, day care, and extended pet sitting. It’s made vacations so much less stressful. We don’t just trust Oscar with Ashley. We know that at the end of a long trip, we’re going to return home to a blissed-out and well-behaved pup.

– Matt P.

We use Ashley for dog sitting on an almost weekly basis, and we love her. More importantly, our dog loves her. He’s a very friendly dog to begin with, but nothing gets him as excited as seeing Ashley at the door to pick him up for the day!

It’s also clear that Ashley takes really good care of the dog she cares for. She goes hiking with them often and sends me photos/videos of my pup having fun. Every time she brings him back, he’s happy but also worn out from all the exercise and play time he’s gotten. While we don’t specifically use her as a trainer, she worked with our dog on being off-leash and now I get comments from my friends on how well behaved he is when we take him to Runyon Canyon. It makes me feel really good sending him to Ashley for the day because I know he’s going to have a great time, and that she’s going to go above and beyond taking care of him.

– Emily C.

I can’t say enough about Ashley and her positive training techniques! My puppy is so stubborn but with Ashley he melts like butter around her. I love that she was able to come to our home to train our wild baby. I was completely impressed with her interaction with him. Just watching her left me speechless and jealous! I also love that she sent follow up emails after the training to show us what we need to do. My baby doesn’t cry anymore when I leave him and he actually listens to me now! I can’t believe that she got him to walk without a leash! She is so patient. My life would be total chaos without her! I will continue to use Ashley for training and boarding. THANK YOU Ashley!!!!

– Jean H.

Ashley is the best dog trainer in Los Angeles. No question. And, she has a great team. We started working with her the day our Labradoodle puppy came home at 9 weeks old and have been working with her ever since going on almost 2 years now. Her training is POSITIVE only. Dogs should not be on choke collars or punished. And, that is the philosophy behind how she works with dogs. Our dog absolutely loves her. We can go weeks without seeing her, but the moment he hears her voice he loses his mind in happiness. She is excellent with communication and education, and when she was training our dog full time she would send such detailed email follow ups so that we could keep working with our pup and have the tools we needed to keep the training going so that it was not only when she was around. And, whenever we have questions or problems, she is always reachable with great advice. There are very few people I would trust with my dog, and we will re-arrange our vacation schedule to make sure we can leave our dog with her when we need to be out of town. Ever since our dog was a puppy people made a point of commenting on how well-behaved he was, and I always said it was because we had an amazing trainer. Whether you have a new puppy or a more adult dog, do yourself a favor and work with Ashley.

– Joe L.

I cannot say enough good things about Ashley and her positive training methods. As a first time puppy parent, I was incredibly clueless how to train my dog, Blanche, – all I knew was I wanted her to be socialized, happy and learn her commands in a positive way. Meeting Ashley was literally the best thing that could have happened. She helped me get acquainted with basic commands during puppy kindergarten and then took Blanche for private training where she really solidified Blanche’s understanding of commands and behavior. I was traveling for the week she trained her and Ashley constantly sent pictures and videos of her progress. Blanche loved Ashley and her home for the week and loved all the hikes, beach walks and training. I couldn’t have asked for a more patient and qualified trainer to make sure my puppy thrived at learning and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to teach her at this point. Thank you Ashley!

– Alisann B.

Woof Pack Dog Training is amazing and very professional. Kevin provides the best services, but the most convenient one, is the pick up and drop off service! In fact, we trust him so much, that we gave him a key to our home. Jerry, our Westie, goes to dog day care 3-4 days a week. He loves Kevin and he enjoys the playtime with the other dogs. We are so comfortable that he is with Kevin. We could not recommend a better dog care service!

– Aimee S.

Ashley shows EXEMPLARY skill and patience with each of her fuzzy clients and the results are full proof! An adorable puppy that was difficult to house break was one of our biggest qualms but the options she provided in regards to boarding for the training as well as follow up visits to our home after the fact really helped us see the ease in puppy owning. We’re glad we chose the route we did and avoided the “easy” options like puppy pads and such. It’s been weeks and the training has stuck! Will definitely be calling her again if we ever become brave enough to expand our little family.

– Bre F.