Study Abroad

Do you want to send your dog away to be trained? Do you not have time for weekly sessions but would like to see quick results? Do you want your dog to be a little bit better when you come home from vacation?

During our Study Abroad program, your dog will stay in our premier trainer’s home environment, not a facility! Our Study Abroad programs are set up to mimic home life and keep your schedule consistent. We do not use kennels unless pre–approved by pet parents to aid in specific training or to keep up with at home consistency. First time Study Abroad dogs will stay with a trainer for a minimum of 7 days. There is no minimum for reoccurring Woofpups.

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Why Choose This Program?

  • Mentally and physically stimulating
  • Practice in public settings to “proof” behavior
  • Each program is individually catered to Woofpup’s motivation and personality needs

What's Included?

  • Daily exercise if age/health permits
  • Socialization
  • Picture/video updates
  • Free private training session for every 7 days booked with us

What Do Most Learn?

  • Sit, down, stay, release cue, go to your bed, recall (come), leave it , watch me, touch, loose leash walking
  • To be a more responsive dog
  • Some learn to hike off leash
  • Some learn an extra trick
  • We can also address behavior issues (jumping, barking, counter surfing, potty training, biting, leash reactivity, building confidence, etc).

*Results depend on length of stay and each individual dog’s goals

Other Benefits of Our Study Abroad Program

  • Think of it as a summer camp that includes social learning and fun experiences
  • Most intensive positive training option for your dog. They will be able to learn behaviors at a faster rate due to the intensive nature of training
  • We break it down into short, sweet, successful sessions followed by fun/play time throughout the day
  • We take proper breaks for naps and down time
  • If appropriate your dog will get to socialize with other friendly dogs
  • This is a great option for people who are already going on vacation and need to board – Why not add training?

What this program is NOT?

Science based training has come a long way and unfortunately the dog training field is unregulated. A lot of trainers sadly still use methods that are outdated and have been disproved for 80 years.This program is not a BOOT CAMP. The program is not guaranteed! You can see many old school trainer’s guarantee behavior, that is just marketing strategies to get you to sign up without disclosing the methods they will be using will include pain and punishment techniques (i.e. e-collars, shock collars).

BE WEARY if you see such words as “balanced,” “alpha,” “dominance,” and “guarantee” on a company’s website. Trainer’s that use such harsh and abusive methods not
only effects the relationship you have with your animal but, the long-term damages affect your dog’s quality of life and physical health. Owners may confuse a well behaved dog for a dog who is actually displaying learned helplessness. When it comes to behavior there is no quick fix or magic wand. Behavior isn’t static and can’t be guaranteed.

Whether you choose us or another company… PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH. Your dog deserves better, humans need to do better.

Why is behavior not guaranteed?

First of all, if we are being honest with ourselves, can we guarantee our own behavior? How about your child’s behavior? Would you expect a Kindergarten teacher to guarantee your child will get into an ivy league school? OF COURSE NOT! Dog’s may regress when the owners do not maintain the training and consistency needed and advised. We do our best to positively train both ends of the leash and give you the tools to succeed on the home front but… *YOU STILL HAVE TO DO THE WORK*.. just like a parent does for a child after school.

Second, you can not throw money at a behavior problem and expect it to change without following the directions to continue. Dog’s are not robots that can be programed. They are learning and growing based on experiences (Similar to humans). If you are willing to commit to the homework, this program is for you!

Dealing with separation anxiety? Our Training Stay-Cation or Lone Woof Private Sessions may be a better fit for you.

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