Exclusive In-Home Pet Sitting

During our stimulating in-home pet sitting, your dog will stay cage-free in our premier trainer’s home. This is NOT a kennel or facility pet hotel. This is a very exclusive, high-end, genuinely loving experience.

We will only use cages if it is needed for potty training assistance or agreed upon prior to your dog’s stay-cation. We take limited number of Woofpups so that we can assure highest quality care. Your dog is treated like a member of our Woof Pack in the comfort of our home or yours. During their stay we will mimic at home sleep and feeding schedules. Depending on your dog’s age and fitness level, your dog will be walked, hiked or taken on a daily excursion. Your dog will have supervised indoor and backyard playtime. Picture and video updates will be sent frequently to keep you in the loop with your dog’s activities.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our sitters have training backgrounds and hands on experience
  • Peace of Mind Promise – Your pet’s safety and piece of mind is of the upmost importance to our trainers
  • Animals can be unpredictable, in case of an accident we will not hesitate to get your dog to the nearest Veterinarian or Animal Emergency Center of your choice
  • Your dog will receive a lot of personal attention and the TLC he/she needs
  • Each sitters takes extra precaution on walks and has experience with reading dog body language
  • If your dog has trained with us, our sitters consider past and current training objectives and behavioral concerns and don’t encourage unwanted behaviors


  • Our boarding dogs must be socialized with other dogs and dog-friendly
  • All dogs must be up-to-date with their vaccinations
  • Must be treated regularly with flea/tick medication
  • Licensed and tagged


  • Pet Sitting in Trainer’s Home
  • Pet Sitting in Pet’s Home may be an option upon availability