Buyout Ball

Ever showed up to restaurant and found that it has been bought out for a private party? Want your dog to get your trainer’s undivided attention? You have the option to do a complete BUYOUT. This is your dog’s very own private event. Your dog will feel like a celebrity and rent out a trainer’s time for the duration of the their stay. Your dog will not be competing for attention or lap space.

With the exception of the trainer’s own pets, your dog will not have to wonder why the trainer smells like another dog because our trainer will not leave to go walk, hike or train any other dog for the duration of their time with us. He/she will be chauffeured around to any of his appointments. These can include trips to places like:

  • The beach
  • Hikes
  • Supply runs*
  • Vet visits*
  • Groomers*
  • Play dates
  • Even a gourmet pet cafe*

You will also be able to schedule a FaceTime with your pooch. This service is not for every average joe, it is a high end celebrity red carpet treatment with his/her own personal assistant.

*Owner pays for bills on these trips.