Welcome to
Woof Pack Dog Training

Positively Training Both Ends
of the Leash!


Welcome to
Woof Pack Dog Training

Positively Training Both Ends
of the Leash

Positively Training Both Ends of the Leash!

Dog Training, Pet Sitting, and Walking Services

Servicing Los Angeles & Ontario, CA

Dog Training, Pet Sitting, and Walking Services

Servicing Los Angeles & Ontario, CA


We offer 1-on-1 private training sessions and more intensive training programs with your goals in mind. Find out which program is the best fit for your fur family.

Virtual Training

Need some troubleshoot training advice? This is a great program for day-of training advice for locals, or people in another state that we can’t work with in person.

Pet Sitting

During our stimulating in-home pet sitting, your dog will stay cage-free in our premier trainer’s home. This is an exclusive, high-end, super loving experience.


At work? Going to dinner? Trying to vacuum? Unpredictable schedule? Our Woofpup walking services are designed specifically for busy professionals like you.


Let your dog go on an adventure to a trail near you. Our high-energy Woofpup hikes allow your dog to receive adequate exercise and attain a better quality of life.


What do you do with your 4-legged friends when you need to go to work or a special event? Don’t leave your pet alone – send them to spend time with us!

Beach Days

Is your Woofpup in need of some fun in the sun? During our beach day excursion, your pup will be whisked away to one of our dog beaches for a day of excitement!

Buyout Ball

Ever shown up to a restaurant and it has been bought out for a private party? Want your dog to have the trainer’s undivided attention? Buyout Ball is for you!

All of our services are 100% force free, science based, positive reinforcement.

About Us & Our Mission

If you’re having a ruff time training a member of your woof pack, don’t terrier yourself up about it. You have come to the right place for assistance. We believe in training BOTH ends of the leash and saying “YES” to pawsitive reinforcement. If you believe in force free training, you are barking up the right tree. There are no big bad woof’s in our house. It is our goal to use a gentle approach and train with love, compassion and understanding. We will help unleash the best friend you’ll ever have by being snack leaders, not pack leaders.

Okay, Enough Punny Business

We want you to know that training is our passion and we take a unique approach in building dogs’ confidence through classical and operant conditioning. We use the best research available on canine behavior and learning theory. We intend to educate pet parents on how to properly train your dog and strengthen your relationship. Oh, and we have fun doing it!

Meet Our Founder

Ashley Sotolongo is the founder of Woof Pack Dog Training. She has successfully trained both ends of the leash and is a “Dog Trainer to the Stars.” Ashley believes that when training is fun and rewarding for woofpups, the rewards are endless for the family as a whole.

Meet Our Foster Mom

Nava is the inspiration behind Woof Pack Dog Training. She is a California girl with east coast manners. When she is not hiking, swimming, paddle boarding or training woofpups, you might find her seated on the bulkhead of your plane using her favorite tennis ball as a pillow.

We use Ashley for dog sitting on an almost weekly basis, and we love her. More importantly, our dog loves her. He’s a very friendly dog to begin with, but nothing gets him as excited as seeing Ashley at the door to pick him up for the day!

Emily C.

Our nine month-old pup, Oscar, is never happier than after spending quality time with Ashley and Kevin. They’re great to work with — personable and warm with us… intuitive, kind, and effective with Oscar.

Matt P.

I can’t say enough about Ashley and her positive training techniques! My puppy is so stubborn but with Ashley he melts like butter around her.

Jean H.

Meeting Ashley was literally the best thing that could have happened. She helped me get acquainted with basic commands during puppy kindergarten and then took Blanche for private training where she really solidified Blanche’s understanding of commands and behavior.

Alisann B.

Ashley shows EXEMPLARY skill and patience with each of her fuzzy clients and the results are full proof!

Bre F.